Four Bonus Ways to Make Learning Fun with Baamboozle

Tips & Tricks Mar 4, 2022

Since you’re reading this blog post, you probably already know the basics of Baamboozle.

But if you’re a subscriber to Baamboozle+, our prestigious premium platform, you get a whole lot more. Pros and perks include four additional ways of playing our games, some extra game-changing power-ups, and countless more ways to enjoy educational adventures in the classroom.

So in this brief blog post, we’ve brought you some juicy details on the four extra gameplay styles you get with Baamboozle+. Read on!


Remember that retro tile-flipping classic you played when you were a kid?

We’ve brought it back, but this time, Baamboozle style!

When they play our games Memory-style, your students click through the numbered tiles to find matching pairs… and every time a team finds a pair, they get some precious points! If you or your students are tired of question and answer sessions, it’s our ready-made remedy.

This activity is great for working on attention, focus and concentration.

If you have an unruly rabble of loud learners, this game gets all of them concentrating and paying attention, even when it’s not their turn—when they play this game, students learn that concentration is the key to success. And they also learn that fervent focus pays off!

This gameplay style is also (of course!) great at improving memory skills, ideal if you’re trying to work on your students’ much-needed powers of recall.

Best of all, it’s a great way to get your lessons off to an energetic start—lots of Baamboozle-using teachers like employing this game as a fast and frantic warm-up exercise to wipe the yawns and groans off their students’ tired faces.

Four in a Row

Another retro slice of fun, we’ve taken the old ‘Four in a Row’ classic (or ‘Four in a Line,’ or ‘Connect Four,’ or whatever else you might want to call it), and we’ve turned it up a notch.

When your students play this game, they need to earn their tiles by correctly answering questions. If they don’t get a question right, they don’t get their greedy mitts on a sought-after tile… so one slip of knowledge, one wrong answer, and the whole game changes, potentially leaving your students trailing behind the competition.

With Four in a Row, students are rewarded for what they’ve learned and remembered. Those with greater knowledge have a big advantage, giving students an incentive to listen up and learn during class.

Because this one is a multi-faceted game with several exciting elements, it’s good for older learners… and because it can take a little while, it’s great for longer lessons, or when your students have earned a hefty portion of in-class excitement.

Tic Tac Toe

Our upgraded and updated version of Tic Tac Toe works pretty similarly to Four in a Row.

Again, your students only get to scribble a symbol onto the interactive grid when (and if!) they correctly answer a question—so concentration throughout the lesson pays off, and those with greater knowledge have a better chance of glory!

If you’re looking for a speedy game, this is a brilliant option—assuming your students know their stuff, it’s rarely going to take more than 10 or 12 turns.

Because of its quick-fire style, it’s a good game for filling in short gaps when you don’t have time for a longer activity. If you have five minutes to spare at the end of a class, this fun-packed version of Tic Tac Toe is an excellent solution!


No matter the consensus, bingo isn’t just for gray old grandmas—and lucky for you and your students, we’ve modernized the timeless classic and brought it into your crazy classroom!

The newest addition to our educational arsenal, this game is one of the most immersive and interactive of all our options, perfect if you’re on the hunt for a lengthy activity.

When they play our version of bingo, each of your students first needs to create their own bingo card, for an extra layer of fun. They can either concoct their own card from the depths of their imaginations, or use one of our simple-but-exciting templates.

But here’s where we serve up a big Baamboozle twist… all of the bingo squares are filled with answers related to whatever you’ve been working on in class—and instead of calling out numbers, you instead call out clues and questions. To cross the spaces off their grids, your students need to be thinking fast, quickly conjuring up the answers to your questions before then marking off those answers as swiftly as possible.

This game is perfect for older kids, longer sessions of fun, and solo play. While all of our other game styles are team-based, this one is for solo mavericks keen to go it alone. Because of that, it’s excellent as a prize-awarding activity where the winner takes all.

Final Thoughts

Compared to our basic but brilliant original Baamboozle platform, Baamboozle+ offers many more games, power-ups, and ways to learn and have fun in the classroom. And just like its free-to-play cousin, it removes loads of hassle and stress from your life, as we’ve already done the planning and prep!


We’re adding new features all the time, so our games are always evolving and adapting. With your fun-loving friends at Baamboozle, nothing ever gets staid or stale, and you can always rely on us to keep serving up freshly-cooked slices of educational excitement.

Catch all the details here, give Baamboozle+ a go, and see if it can help you to squeeze even more fast-paced fun into each one of your classes!

And for much more information on all of our exciting games (including topical suggestions and surprising perks), make sure you keep checking our regularly-updated blog.

Thanks for reading, you innovative educator, and we’ll see you next time!



Paul McDougal

Educator-turned-scribbler Paul is a handsome and hilarious content writer, travel writer and SEO specialist. He's always looking for new places to live, and new ways to have fun.

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