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10 Ways to Use Story Dice in Class

Tips & Tricks Apr 5, 2022

Here at Baamboozle, we have a crowd-sourced collection of over 2 million games you can teach with.

But that’s just not enough to sufficiently satiate our educational appetite, and the fun absolutely doesn’t end there…

You can play all of our games in various different ways, including exciting versions of Bingo, Tic Tac Toe, memory challenges and more. So, in reality, we don’t just have over 2 million games—given all the various variations, there are way more ways to play with us!

And because we love serving up freshly-baked slices of game-based educational entertainment, we’re always adding more ways to play.

So in this guide, we’ve brought you some insider tips on the newest addition to our educational arsenal of frantic fun: we’ve just added Story Dice to our platform, and we want to help you use them properly and productively.

So how can you use them? What exactly are they for? And how will they objectively and undoubtedly make your classroom much more engaging?

In this quick blog post, we’ve covered it all. Looking for inspiration, examples, and interesting ideas? Read on!

How do I use Story Dice?

Like everything we offer, the answer to this question is super simple and easy.

Our fun-fuelling Story Dice work as follows: First you find a set of questions that you want to teach with. Then hit Play and choose Story Dice from the choice of games on offer.

Odd One Out - Simple Words

Magically and immediately, the gifs, images and pictures from that particular game are placed onto the faces of our digital dice… and you’re right-away ready to get going with some multi-faceted fun.

You’re able to choose between 1 and 16 dice, and you can quickly change the number of dice you’re using, even in the middle of a game. We’ll soon be adding more features, including a timer, the ability to add teams, and other teacher-recommended twists and turns.

But if you’ve never before used anything like Story Dice, you might be short of ideas on in-class implementation.

So next up, we have our top 10 ways to use them!

1. Storytelling

Tell some stories Story Dice game with 3 dice
Think of a Word

This right here is the OG. The original. The first-ever purpose of your new best friend Story Dice.

Get those dice rolling, then ask your students (either individually or in teams!) to conjure up some tall tales related to the images that show up.

If you want to make this activity even more challenging, you can add an extra dimension:

Which team can come up with the scariest story? The funniest story? The craziest story? The story most closely-related to whatever you’re learning in class?

2. Compare and Contrast

Compare and contrast Story Dice game with two dice
DC or Marvel?

Roll two dice, and get your students quickly comparing the on-screen images.

With the superheroes above, you can simply ask students Who Would Win?

Watch in amazement as they get deep into their imagined battles - forgetting they are learning while getting stacks of speaking time in to put their conversational and debate skills to good use.

Using this animal-crammed game, for another example, students can use comparatives and superlatives to make distinctions between the varied cast of creatures.

Which animal is cuter? Which makes the loudest noise? Which one is bigger? And which one would you rather have for a pet?

We couldn't make it any easier to play if we tried!

3. Quizzy Questions

Quizzy questions Story Dice game with three dice
Turning Red Trivia

Here at Baamboozle, most of our games are quiz-based… and it’s easy to use our Story Dice to get some creative questions flowing.

First of all (unsurprisingly), you’ll want to roll your dice.

Then, ask your students some relevant questions, and get them to choose the correct image-based answer.

With three dice on screen, ask students to choose the odd one out. Or find a word that connects all three images. Or race to write a sentence and that uses each image. Whatever works best for you.

It’s much more creative than standard multiple choice questions. Much more imaginative, and tons of fun every time you play!

Let's roll to the next example...

4. Throw Some Shapes

Throw some shapes Story Dice game with one die
Dance Challenge

You can even use Story Dice to get your learners moving, grooving and using their bodies!

First up, choose one of our great movement games, such as this flexible yoga funfest, or a kooky dancing challenge.

Then roll the dice, and ask teams of students to replicate their favorite on-screen move. Award points to whichever team is doing the best job (or putting in the most effort).

Is it becoming clear yet just how versatile these dice are beyond storytelling?

5. Guess Who

Connect the dots Story Dice game with six dice
Minecraft Animals

Yes, you can even play the likes of Guess Who with zero-prep thanks to Story Dice!

To play, ask one student to choose a secret image.

The rest of the class can then quiz them to find the match in as few questions as possible. Can it fly? Is it friendly? Does it swim?

Now they're practicing question formation with verbs while you monitor progress and guide them towards success.

All that with a few simple yet powerful little dice.

6. Think of a Word

Total recall Pokemon game of Story Dice with six dice
Alphabet Spelling

Roll a letter die on screen and see how many words students can come up with that begin with it.

Can they think of an animal, a movie or a place that begins with the letter on screen?

Can they produce a 7 letter word? How about a verb, noun or adjective in a lesson about parts of speech?

You'll find this to be an easy and effective way to get students expanding their vocabulary while having a blast with their classmates!

7. Charades

Pick the image Story Dice game with three dice
Two Clues. One Food.

A stone-cold classic party game, now easier to play than ever before.

Choose one on-screen image and tell it in secret to a student. Can they act it out and get their team members to guess it without saying a single word?

Roll a new set of dice when they guess it to keep things fresh and fun.

Your students will know the target vocabulary inside out by the time you're done playing!

8. Talk for Thirty

How Funny Are You?

Roll one die and ask a random student to talk for 30 seconds about the topic on screen.

When they are done, they can nominate the next speaker and you can roll to the next image.

With over 2 million games on Baamboozle, you'll never run out of things to talk about!

9. Then What Happened?

What happened? Story Dice game with 1-3 dice
50 Irregular Verbs

This is another story-based game… and it promotes spontaneity, adaptability, and some super quick thinking.

Throw a single die up on the screen, and ask one student to start making a relevant story. After a few seconds, throw another die up… and (using that new image!) ask a different student to continue the story from where the previous learner left off.

Watch as your students flex their creative muscles to create some hilarious stories that you couldn't make up if you tried!

Ready for the last example? We're sure by now you can see just how incredibly useful Story Dice are in the classroom for all sorts of games and on-the-fly zero-prep activities.

10. Ask and Answer

Ask and answer Story Dice game with a single die
What's Your Favorite?

Roll one die, and ask a student to conjure up a quick question using that image for inspiration. They must then ask this question to another student.

When that second student (hopefully!) plucks the correct answer from their mind, you then re-roll the one die.

The second student then uses the new image to inspire a question of their own.

They ask that question to a third student… and… well, we’re sure you can work out the rest!

Final Thoughts

Versatile and varied, you can see that our Story Dice are a great way to add tons more educational excitement to your lessons.

Here are just 10 ways to incorporate them into your classes to get you started. You should be able to tell by now that there are countless more ways to play!

But here’s the big draw: with standard physical Story Dice, there are a finite number of times you can play. Eventually, you’ll have exhausted all the possibilities, and you’ll be left with no more fun.

But because (as we’ve covered!) you can apply our Story Dice to a bank of over 2 million games, that’s not the case with Baamboozle.

With our Story Dice, things will never get stagnant or stale, and you’ll never need to revisit the same old stuff. So give them a go, and watch them make your classroom much more fun than ever before!

And get this… if you’ve already made a game in Baamboozle (whenever that might have been!), upgrading to a Baamboozle+ account allows you to play the Story Dice version of that game. With Baamboozle, the fun truly never stops!

Thanks for reading, thanks for visiting our blog, and make sure you keep checking back for our regular updates. We can't wait to find out how you'll use Story Dice in your class.

See you next time!


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