Top 10 UnBEElievable Spelling Bees

Top Games Jan 23, 2024

Accurate speeling is an essenntial part of becoming a sucesfull student. And if you’re learners don’t learn how two spell things corectly, they’ll never be abel to academically proggres in the way they’d like… or become a sort-after proffesional writer like me.

So in this guide, us Baamboozlers have helped your students to put all their letters in the right place, and hopefully spell things better than I did in that last paragraph.

We’ve carefully sifted through our user-crafted bank of more than 2 million educational activities to assemble this: our 10 favorite spelling bee games.

Here at Baamboozle, we’re always looking for more ways to make learning fun… so welcome to our most recent slice of in-class action. Expect adorable animals, lengthy sentences, and even some intentional accidents!

Animals Spelling Bee

By Bonny

In this multiple-choice funfest, your students are given a gif-based gallery of different creatures and critters. If they can stop fawning over the adorable animations, it’s their job to correctly spell the name of each animal.

For more beast-based fun, check out our top 10 animal games.

Helps with: Spelling some animal names, repeatedly saying ‘aaah’ at lots of cute gifs, and some basic biology classes

Best for: Grades 1 to 3

Baam-Link: Play now!

Backwards Spelling Bee


If forwards spelling just isn’t difficult enough for your brainy class of savvy students, whack out this challenging brainteaser… and watch them stumble over some surprisingly-difficult dilemmas.

Yep, ‘road,’ ‘book,’ and ‘kitten’ might be easy to spell. But not when you’re doing them backwards.

Helps with: Lateral thinking, attempting a unique challenge, and seeing things a little differently

Best for: Grades 7 to 9

Baam-Link: Play now!

Cold Synonyms Spelling Bee

By Jack

In this wintry challenge, your students are tasked with spelling various synonyms for ‘cold.’

If (like me) you thought there were only a couple of alternative words for the chilly adjective, this game will prove you wrong.

Helps with: Widening students’ vocabularies, classes on weather or geography, and exploring lots of shivery synonyms

Best for: Grades 4 to 6

Baam-Link: Play now!

MISspelling Bee

By Tilly

This game takes a whole bunch of commonly-misspelled words, and asks your students to rectify the often-made errors.

What’s the correct way to spell ‘tommorrow’? Is it definitely not ‘definately’? Is ‘brocolli’ actually a misspelling? And should I, a professional writer, be finding this so tough?

Helps with: English classes, being all meticulous, and learning how to correctly spell some surprisingly-tricky words

Best for: Grades 4 to 6

Baam-Link: Play now!

Say It, Spell It, Write It

By dreamcatcher970510

Perfect for combining language classes with math ones, this hybrid task asks your students to say, spell and write all the numbers from one to forty.

And, no, that last number isn’t spelled ‘fourty,’

Helps with: Quick recapping, writing and speaking, and combining both English and math

Best for: Kindergarten and grade 1

Baam-Link: Play now!

Spell the Sentences

By Teacher T

Each challenge in this game is made up of a series of letters… and when these lengthy letter-chains are separated into singular words, they form a simple sentence.

Your students can play this multifaceted activity in various different ways: you could ask them to work out the entire sentence, spell individual words, or even work as a team to spell an individual sentence-word each.

Helps with: Problem solving, spelling lots of words in one quick burst, and interpreting long lines of letters

Best for: Grades 4 to 6

Baam-Link: Play now!

How Do You Spell...?

By Paula Miretti

Covering most letters of the alphabet, this basic wordy wonder gives your students a simple image, along with the letter that image starts with.

From there, it’s your students’ job to spell the rest of the word. Some spellings are easy, while others are a little more confusing.

Helps with: Basic fun, working with young ones, and running the gamut of the alphabet

Best for: Kindergarten through to second grade

Baam-Link: Play now!

Spell the Opposites

By PizzaLife

This two-tiered test requires a little lateral thinking, as your students need to decide what they’re meant to be spelling before they even get around to spelling it.

Because it’s all about opposites, this activity is a great way to introduce antonyms.

Helps with: Leftfield thinking, exploring antonyms, and adding a twist to some simple spellings

Best for: Grades 2 to 4

Baam-Link: Play now!

Spelling Bee!

By Ronan

With a fill-in-the-blanks format and some relatively simple spellings, this game gives your students three different clues for each question: a snigger-inducing image, how many letters are in the word representing the image, and the starting letter of that word.

Can your students decipher it all to arrive at the right spelling?

Helps with: Laughing at silly gifs, filling in the blanks, and introducing some simple spellings

Best for: Grades 1 to 3

Baam-Link: Play now!

Words in Words

By MrLee123

In this anagrammatical adventure, your students are given some short words and phrases. They then need to make as many words as possible from the letters contained in those short words and phrases.

Helps with: Getting creative, working with anagrams, and checking and testing basic spellings

Best for: Grades 3 to 6

Baam-Link: Play now!

Baamboozle’s Top 10 Spelling Bees: Final Thoughts

There they are—Baamboozle’s top 10 spelling bees, and loads of great ways to get your students accurately spelling a whole range of different words.

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