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35 Essential Icebreaker Games to Hook Your Class

Top Games Jan 24, 2024

If capturing and keeping the attention of your class feels like walking through treacle at times, wrap your eyeballs around this.

Our new breed of Ice-breaker games, deployed strategically, can help almost any teacher in just about any educational setting. If you're interested in creating a dynamic learning environment where kids are more willing to learn, without sacrificing quality input for cheap gimmicks, the next two minutes could transform your teaching practice from top to bottom.

Whether you're a high school or elementary school teacher, or even home-schooling your own kids, these plug ‘n’ play micro-activities could very well be the ‘spoonful of sugar’ your students need to re-engage them on their educational journey.

Skimming through our Baambooz-a-licious list, you’ll discover a glut of inclusive, eye-catching, topical activities that encompass everything from handy brain-breaks and entertaining fitness games, right through to engaging team-builders and role-play challenges.

They’re simple and easy to prepare, with no paperwork or log-ins needed - just hit the link to the Baam you want to play, and 👉

1. Introduce Yourself!

by thuyta

Introduce Yourself! Game on Baamboozle

A simple game to get your students talking and getting to know each other. Great for the start of the school year or for stimulating discussion in a new class.

Baam-link: Play Game

2. 3...2...1… Shout It Out!

by JC

Shout it out! Game on Baamboozle

Ever asked to SHOUT out in the middle of class? Sounds counter-intuitive, but boy do they love it! Give yourself permission to give it a try :)

Baam-link: Play Game

3. Think of Something

by PrisLA

Think of Something Game on Baamboozle

Think of something COLD! Think of something WET! Think of something that is NOT in this room right now!

This rapid-fire association brain-warmer will leave your class breathless and eager for more.

Baam-link: Play Game

4. Scattergories

by jannet

Scattergories Baamboozle Game Screenshot

Gameshow-style naming game that can be played for prizes, pride or as a perfect post-lesson pick-me-up!

Baam-link: Play Game

5. 3 Words, 1 Food!

by Annie Nguyen

3 Words, 1 Food! Baamboozle Game Screenshot

Tasty little Baam for the hungry hordes! A fast and furious food-based game to whet their learning appetites at the start of the day.

Baam-link: Play Game

6. Snow & Ice

by Savanah

Snow & Ice Baamboozle Game Screenshot

This winter warmer marries quick-fire questions and challenges with witty gifs and multiple choice answers, as well as the odd ‘slippery one’.

Baam-link: Play Game

7. Move Around!

by pizzaandcats

Move Around! Baamboozle Game Screenshot

From walking like a zombie to jumping like a frog, this handy Baam will get your kids moving and grooving when their minds are feeling floppy.

Baam-link: Play Game

8. Train Your Brain

by Mrs. Boyer

Train Your Brain Baamboozle Game Screenshot

Creative in-class movement breaks to reinvigorate your students. Let’s get that blood pumping!

Baam-link: Play Game

9. Santa Claus in Your Classroom?

by sheldonavalon

Santa Claus in Your Classroom? Baamboozle Game Screenshot

Hate to be the one to say it, but… Christmas is coming! And our teacher-creators have got you covered - the perfect mix of fun and Festive is merely a click away.

Baam-link: Play Game

10. Funny Faces!

by jguyer

Funny Faces! Baamboozle Game Screenshot

Mirror, mirror on the wall, who has the funniest face of all... May the ‘battle’ commence! Hit the link below to enter this unique face-changing game.

Baam-link: Play Game

11. Word Race

by Winnie

Word Race Baamboozle Game Screenshot

Ready… Set.... Go! Write down as many words as you can (with or without your partner) using the letters on the screen. One of my favorite starter activities.

Baam-link: Play Game

12. Let’s Destress

by Jack

Let’s Destress Baamboozle Game Screenshot

Mindfulness has become a mainstay in many schools since the pandemic took hold. Teachers have become incredibly adept at taking care of their students’ mental health and well-being, despite the majority not knowing about such handy 'done-for-you' games as this one.

Baam-link: Play Game

13. Would You Rather… ? [Fitness Edition]

by Baamboozle

Would You Rather Baamboozle Game Screenshot

Addictive twist on the classic ‘would you rather?’ ice breaker game, posing a variety of fitness challenges ranging from ‘Easy Peasy’ to ‘Anything but this! I demand extra Maths… NOW!’

Baam-link: Play Game

14. Name Three Things

by Mason

Name Three Things Baamboozle Game Screenshot

3 is the magic number! Well, it certainly is for this quiz game featuring wide-ranging topics and eyeball-snatching visuals.

Baam-link: Play Game

15. Have You Ever...?

by Luciano Cabral da Silva

Have You Ever...? Baamboozle Game Screenshot

A ice-breaker game designed to test grammar and elicit opinion in the same breath, the visuals being the icing on the conversational cake.

Baam-link: Play Game

16. Video Game: Guess the Country

by Baamboozle

Video Game: Guess the Country on Baamboozle Screenshot

Baamboozle’s teachers are infamous for their creativity, one example of which you’ll find below. Embark on an epic 20-stop video voyage around the globe by hitting the link below.

Baam-link: Play Game

17. Baamboozle Ball

by JC

Baamboozle Ball Game Screenshot

Is your class brimming with soccer-mad students? Well, be sure to hotfoot to the gym for this one! Hit the link to score your new favorite P.E. starter.

Baam-link: Play Game

18. Comparison Scavengers Hunt

by Jack

Comparison Scavengers Hunt Baamboozle Game Screenshot

An up ‘n’ about language-centric scavenger hunt to get your kids moving about while engaging their intellects.

Baam-link: Play Game

19. Charades and Jokes

by carolina.croisfelt

Charades and Jokes Baamboozle Game Screenshot

In general, kids (and teachers) never spend enough time on drama or performance. This fun Baam allows you to crowbar slide some drama into your school day without laboring the ‘performance’ aspect. Great warm-up activity!

Baam-link: Play Game

20. Group Storytelling

by Ariane

Group Storytelling Baamboozle Game Screenshot

Who doesn’t love a good story? One of our teacher-creators came up with this unique twist on storytelling combining improv and oracy for children to build their storytelling skills.

Baam-link: Play Game

21. Lie Detector

by mrothra

Lie Detector! Baamboozle Game Screenshot

Fun Baam version of 2 truths & 1 lie that will keep your children entertained and engaged.

Baam-link: Play Game

22. A Different Point of View

by HelloHello

A Different Point of View Baamboozle Game Screenshot

Want to get them flexing their Empathy muscles? Why not offer them the chance to walk a mile in someone else’s shoes? We have you covered right here.

Baam-link: Play Game

23. Game of Games

by Charles Clancy

Game of Games on Baamboozle Screenshot

A baambooz-a-licious mixed bag of tasks and challenges that’ll keep your kids active, attentive and itching to get involved. Want more details? You know what to do 👇

Baam-link: Play Game

24. Video Game: Odd Emoji Out

by Baamboozle

Odd Emoji Out! Game on Baamboozle Screenshot

Video game designed to develop observation skills and flex that muscle of attention.

Baam-link: Play Game

25. Tell Me Why

by Winnipeg93

Tell Me Why... Baamboozle Game Screenshot

Such challenging and emotionally charged topics as divorce, smoking and stress are tackled in this Baam.

Baam-link: Play Game

26. Rebus Puzzles

by bkahler

Rebus Puzzles Baamboozle Game Screenshot

A Baam chock full of visual word riddles that has to be played to be understood. Great for vocabulary-building and discussions of ‘out of the box’ thinking.

Baam-link: Play Game

27. Can I Buy it?

by Helen Arce

Can I Buy it? Baamboozle Game Screenshot

Short and snappy Maths word problems to get money on their mind. Can be used as a plenary or closer as well as a starter activity.

Baam-link: Play Game

28. Mission Impossible

by Winnie

Mission Impossible Baamboozle Game Screenshot

Pose ‘impossible’ questions in order to stimulate discussions which are, in my experience, both surprising and revealing in equal measure.

Baam-link: Play Game

29. Talk for a Minute About...

by daniluk.s

Talk for a Minute About... Baamboozle Game Screenshot

‘Talk for a Minute About’ asks participants to talk for a minute on any given topic using expression and avoiding repetition or hesitation. Here’s an cheeky entry-level version to get those synapses firing!

Baam-link: Play Game

30. What Would You Say?

by BS

What Would You Say? Baamboozle Game Screenshot

Comedy videos with interesting (and slightly ‘leftfield’) scenarios. While undeniably entertaining, teachers can reframe them as stimuli for lessons on consideration and social etiquette.

Baam-link: Play Game

31. The Pandemic

by Monalisa

The Pandemic Baamboozle Game Screenshot

In these uncertain times, this quick and easy to understand guide to the pandemic is great for dispelling anxiety and getting students talking about what for some is a challenging topic.

Baam-link: Play Game

32. Mindful Week Review

by Jack

Mindful Week Review Baamboozle Game Screenshot

It’s always good practice to take stock of one’s mental health at the end of the week. This review Baam gives kids a golden opportunity to engage in self-reflection and confront situations head-on.

Baam-link: Play Game

33. Just Say Yes!

by Yurena

Just Say Yes! Baamboozle Game Screenshot

Improvisation games demand confidence from the participants. Here’s an excellent improv game that I recommend trying out if you think your class can handle it. Saying ‘no’ is forbidden :)

Baam-link: Play Game

34. I Think I Can! I Can!

by Tilly

 I Think I Can! I Can! Baamboozle Game Screenshot

During these times we all need a pick-me-up to shift our focus onto the really good things we have in our lives. Enter 'I can!', where Positivity is the name of the game for your students, encouraging gratitude and positive self-reflection. We approve this message!

Baam-link: Play Game

35. What is Happening?

by willpetley

What is Happening? Baamboozle Game Screenshot

Reminiscent of 'Where's Waldo?' and 'Hidden Folks', this searching game will magnetize your kids' attention and keep them hooked with its appealing imagery, cute characters and the delicious chaos of the scenery. Adding a strategic competitive element is guaranteed to send your class into overdrive!

Baam-link: Play Game

Final Thoughts

These innovative ice-breaker activities are ripe for use today, folks. We really hope you find them as useful and playable as our kids have.

And the coolest thing? Our incredible community of Baamboozle teacher-creators is continually creating fresh, new games and activities for you to play and explore on our unique plug ‘n’ play platform.

The selection we’ve whipped up for you today is a mere smattering of what’s on offer. And… holy mackerel! - I haven’t even mentioned the awesome ‘world-building’ tools that are made available to you when you upgrade to Baamboozle+,...

Fact is, Baamboozle+, has been slashing teachers’ planning time for years, as well as taking the sting out of home-learning for parents. Now we’re back and more powerful than ever; even if you consider yourself an absolute noob when it comes to technology in the classroom (or anywhere else,) we’ve bypassed all the technical bits by delivering over 2 million+ easy-to-play games to your kids' fingertips.

Some wily teachers have even been using the awesome power of Baamboozle+ to challenge their high-achieving children to create games independently for their classes.

After all, Team Baamboozle’s whole raison d’etre is to throw up new and surprising bridges between kids, teachers and parents, and to ensure intelligent EdTech takes pole position in your classroom, without upstaging the learning process. Get after it!

If you're looking for more amazing collections of educational games, wander over to our blog posts for Christmas, Halloween, April Fool's Day, and St. Patrick's Day. Also, check out our comparison blog post about the best Kahoot alternatives.

And here's a little secret to enhance your Baamboozle experience even further – join our vibrant community on Instagram and Facebook for behind-the-scenes content and awesome game ideas for your students! See you there! 🤩


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